Welcome to Transform Neighborhoods Coalition

We are a coalition of community innovators and young activists that are embarking on a mission to change Chicago. Our goal: obliterate crime and skyrocket high school graduation. Our strategy: Triage at-risk neighborhoods by creating Innovation Houses -- homes for young community-builders -- in every area that needs it. During the day, these community-builders will work at leading community-building organizations and at night they will create their own programs and interventions for their neighborly community, sparking everything from tutoring programs to neighborhood block clubs to small business incubators.

Our mission: 1,000 Innovation Houses by 2020.

 What is Transform Neighborhoods Project?


What is an Innovation House?

Innovation Houses are repurposed vacant houses occupied by Mission-Motivated Millennials (3Ms) seeking to transform neighborhoods of concentrated distress by participating in community change. 3Ms can be from any source, but they must commit to working 10+ hours per week in volunteer community or civic service.  Ideally, 3Ms would be full-time AmeriCorps members, but need not be. We are partnering with community organizations in the Englewood Community.

Benefits to the neighborhood:

  • Blight reduction

  • Dynamic young residents

  • Avenue for service by home-grown talent

  • Civic engagement and community building activity

Benefits to participants:

  • Leadership development experience

  • Collaboration across silos in community work

  • Community with housemates in shared residence

  • Peer-to-peer learning and motivation for service and activism

Please contact Jay Readey at jreadey@neighborscapes.org or Brian Geiger at briangeiger80@gmail.com for more information, to get involved, or to invest and sponsor an Innovation House.