Welcome to Transform Neighborhoods Coalition

We are a coalition of community innovators and young activists that are embarking on a mission to change Chicago. Our goal: obliterate crime and skyrocket high school graduation. Our strategy: Triage at-risk neighborhoods by creating Innovation Houses -- homes for young community-builders -- in every area that needs it. During the day, these community-builders will work at leading community-building organizations and at night they will create their own programs and interventions for their neighborly community, sparking everything from tutoring programs to neighborhood block clubs to small business incubators.

Our mission: 1,000 Innovation Houses by 2020.

About TRansform neighborhoods


What is the Transform neighborhoods coalition?

Transforming Neighborhoods is a coalition to address the inequality between America’s neighborhoods and to develop new leadership through service programs for youth to live and work in areas of concentrated poverty. The emphasis will be on recruiting people of color, people from low-income backgrounds, and people from the neighborhoods being served, but will be open to other youth and young adults dedicated to reinvesting in areas of concentrated poverty. The Transforming Neighborhoods movement changes the community-building landscape and accelerates impact by fostering collaboration in a field where people often work in silos by putting Community Building Fellows (CBFs) from different programs together in the Innovation Houses and by developing partnerships between different service organizations, increasing the contact between CBFs and the neighborhood, allowing them to better understand the assets of the community and the issues to be tackled, creating a hub for community-building that can direct large numbers of additional self- starting community-builders who aren’t in a formal service program and attracting more young people to the movement by offering subsidized housing, an exciting and collaborative environment, and a chance to have a role in the overall movement for justice and transformation in America’s neighborhoods.